Doctors in difficulty


- Support4Doctors is a Royal Medical Benevolent Fund project to help doctors deal with commonly met challenges faced by doctors such as:-getting the work/life balance right, handling pressure, dealing with career, health and financial issues.

- BMA website has a section on "Supporting doctors in difficulty" and a remedial training question and answer web resource for doctors who are experiencing difficulties with their performance at work who wish to know what happens when the need for extra (remedial) training or support is identified.

- The Doctors' Support Network (DSN) is a warm, friendly self-help group for doctors with mental health concerns.

- Sick Doctors Trust is an independent and confidential organisation to provide early intervention and treatment for doctors suffering from addiction to alcohol or other drugs. 24 hour helpline. Happy to deal with anonymous enquiries.

- The Psychiatrists Support Service, Royal College of Psychiatrists offer confidential support and advice for member psychiatrists in difficulty.